Thursday, August 12, 2004

Journey to Banglore

Now then, I am back from Banglore..Enjoyed as much as anyone cud hav..thx a ton to my fate, which caused hindrances at all points of time, to stop me from going to b'lore, and due to which, ultimately, the fun and satisfaction I gathered from this trip, is unexplainable..
So, where do I start..let me see..yeah i'll start from the point whn i decided to go to Banglore..ummm..well, that was a long time back though, when Aasheesh was about to reach banglore, it was when i decided that i'll go to b'lore then, my exams ended on 4th of August, after which I was free for some time.

now then, incidently, I talked to Deepika on 4th night, and decided it then and there, that i'll be going to banglore..Talked to Rana, about going on bikes to b'lore..he did atul and pumped me up with much of excitement was on the cards..but alas, not for long..the topic of heavy rains came up, and everyone backed off from the plan of going on bikes..

devastated the program was, but not me..i had decided that i will go, and that was it..i went the other day to the city, to enquire about the buses..i had thought of it that if it comes to that, i'll set out on a bike alone as well..i know kuch an idiot i am..

anyways, that wasn't to be..i was just talking to ankur, when it came out that he also is planning to go to b'lore the other day..another ray of hope enlightened me..i asked him to come on bike, and he agreed..i did all the arrangements, packed everything, and when we were all set to leave on bike, firstly, it rained, and then, in the afternoon, the bike wasn't, it came down to going by bus itself, which didnt matter, bcoz my ultimate aim was to go to banglore, and not by what means..

all the way thru, people were asking us not to go, but i had made up my kind, to do it, come what may..

the difficulties were not all at this point of time..we reached for taking the bus at 9 at night, but it wasn't available uptil 10:30..coming to the extremes, the bus broke down in the middle of the night in the midst of the forest..a journey which could hav taken not more than 6 hours, took 15 hours for us..

what a horrible journey it was, but i never felt bad about it, bcoz all the way thru, i was just thinking and pondering over the gud times I was going to spend in banglore.

And at last, against all odds, i was in banglore on the strike of noon, on 7th of August..

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