Thursday, December 02, 2004


Back from Delhi, and yet again, Exams are here. Today's exam was cool. Not much time though, but did it JIT. An Open book exam mostly gets me a confi which brings out the best in me. ;)
The Wedding was fun. Had full masti out there. Got to see, for the first time, what really a wedding means, and what all rituals are to be followed. Twas quite amusing and interesting. Taking the bulk of responsibilities, and then working them out in the minimum available time was the key thing which made me run thru.
Hope Shuchidi takes on a fine way from here on. The prospects seem bright enough. Amen!
And yes, met Surbhi, Sachin, Prabhjot for the first time. The long awaited delay, atlast, came to a halt. Had heard so much about them that I couldn't resist anymore, to get to meet such personalities.
In one word, I would call it "Serendipity". Boy o Boy. Thats my favorite word, and what a moment it chose, to describe its importance. Not that this decreases any admiration I have for the so called movie, but "A fortunate Accident" is what I gathered from this trip. "A small world" it surely is.

Hats off!

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  1. oye saale ..u blog u didnt tell me..ur blog on ur summers is fabulous. try publishing it as a case study. talk to ernesto or pramilla. seriously
    and that post on drinking is very funny. were u really drunk??