Friday, September 09, 2005

Changing times

How strange it is to see people perform celebrations here, which is highly unlike how I have seen things getting along in Delhi! With this guy's (from the office) birthday just around the corner, the gusto was highly intriguing. But as I see it, people from this part of the country are not too much involved with one-another. Though they are very nice to talk to if you approach them, hardly will anyone ever make the first move. So content in themselves, no wonder why they are getting into technical field in large numbers.
Actually this party here today reminded me of the gud ol' times at DCE. Celebrations everyday. Even the fights we used to have now seem the best of the times. I would anyday prefer those itsy-bitsy fights than the happy days here, while I sit in this air-conditioned cabin, sipping this stupid cup of coffee.
Not in a mood to continue anymore. Need some change. Need to call someone right now. Rest later.

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