Friday, September 30, 2005

Tryst with the doubts

Now that I was back to bangalore from home, I needed some respite. But seems like when it comes, it comes in a big way. Thought that I'll make up for the fun I missed last time. But then, the maze started taking its shape.
Couldn't think of what to do at this friends place. Was all the time thinking of what I need to do in the coming hours, which actually was nothing. I have got into this habit of worrying unneccesarily of things that haven't even happened yet. Sure I ws disturbed because I had been asked to take one of the most difficult and painful decisions any professional in a company has to take: thats about the future of others in the company.

Nevertheless, went to the parties which were long time due. (Don't know still whether I went to Varshney's party or Deepa's party or Sardar's party) I could hardly make out whatever was happening out there, on Saturday night party, as well as Sunday noon one!

As always, Swap was the one whom I would have called, but he too was in middle of a boring party, but due to some official obligations, he was supposed to stay with the party. hence, I decided to take a stroll alone, when everyone else was in the pub.

And the thoughts that came to my mind during that stroll came as no surprise to me, as I should have expected in by then.

It's time to see the unseen. It's time to realise the picture is not as rosy as it seems. I wonder how/when will I come out of this thought; who will be the medium; which incidents will trigger it; where will it happen; and above all, WHY is it happening!

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