Friday, September 30, 2005

Rendezvous with change.

A long time again. A fortnight actually.
Went home for a few days: First time after I got into this job. Everyone was excited, but as it is said, "Too many cooks spoil the broth" - "Too much of excitement also brings down the relative value of the opportunity".

Was in Bangalore before going home, as I was taking my flight from Bangalore. Don't remember what exactly I did there (It's been 2 weeks since then), but let me try and recollect!

Ah! Met the Branch Manager Ma'm, Ms. All-time-busy this time. Though I had thought I won't, but anyhow, that's me. Met Deepika also. If I remember correctly, she had to attend some functions also, but anyhow! Obviously 294.

Oh yes, Deepa's Birthday was also there. And that gusty Sardar!

Next day: Fly Kingfisher! A nice one. Found it better than Jet/Sahara/IA. Enjoying the headphones still. ;)

Reached Delhi. My-o-my! What a storm it was. Though the time was afternoon, ours was amongst the only flights to land in delhi on that day. Thank God our flight didn't get diverted to Jaipur/Lucknow. Got home, and it looked still the same. Same as ever. Comforts at the level best.
Then came the changes from the usual. Work@Home. To start with, looks nice. But not for long. Went to what-not places. Had rendezvous with the unmet. And the usual ones also. But for a change, didn't get to meet friends for long. I could feel the change that had cropped into me. All the things which used to excite me, weren't there anymore. Everything was changing. For Good? - Don't know.
And the unthinkable - the unusually usual stuff, from wherever we went - "Get Married kid! You are done with what others haven't! You have everything now." Obviously I was sure Mom and Dad won't ask me to, so soon.
As if I am a source of entertainment, everyone I met said the same. Do they believe I am an amusement piece, who will bring fun into their lives like that!
Good enough that I am at a stage where people are considered to have achieved a lot, but I know I am capable of much much more; much beyond others can even think of. And above all, I myself haven't discovered what I want to do with my life: in what position are others to have a say in what I should do!
Thankfully, Mom and Dad were always with me on these grounds, and they back every decision I make. That's what is most appreciable in my case.
After a week of consistent pushing, finally my parents also fall into the trap. They think so many people can't be incorrect. Damn it! Anyhow, told them straight away, on the onset, that it is not to be. Sure they were hurt on straight-forwarded-ness, but they know what I mean. I feel bad as well, to have refused them the "first-ever" thing they wanted to ask me for, even before they asked me for it. Though they are open to anything I wish to, I know it hurts, to see their kid has grown to such an extent that he can make his own decisions now. Poor me! Dilemma!
Oh yeah, Micky - as chill as ever. Never bothered about anything. Gosh - when can I be so tension-free?
Then the flight back to bangalore. As I sat back and thought, though nothing happened on the trip, but this trip was going to be one of those, which you keep in your mind for long long time. I am on a trip now - a trip to a different world!

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