Monday, September 05, 2005

Find 50, or find just 1

Courtesy a blog entry that I saw on blogger sometime back, a thought came to my mind tonight. The entry rightly asks - Do we spend enuf time on "I", "Me", "Myself", even though we say we are so selfish!
Let me re-iterate the question asked - "What are the 50 things you WILL do before you DIE?"
Absurd sure it seems, but as emgi (that's the name of the person who made the post) states it, it's really very hard to think of any such things. Infact, I tried thinking of a few for myself, but couldn't even zero-on to 1 of those 50.
I think I've thought of the 1st one now, though. It would be to be find all 50, before I die.

1 comment:

  1. after i complete my list of 50 things...the 51st would be to inspire more ppl thru 'crap' in my blogs.thanx for the honor though.