Friday, September 09, 2005

Naahh. Nothing.

Now then, it's been happening for quite some time. I wonder when the speculations will come to an end, to bring out a clearer picture. Hoping to get everything sorted out by the time I go home.
Leaving it aside, I think its getting interesting day-by-day. With the projects coming in at an unsustainable pace, I sure need to look for people who are WELL-SUITED for the task. Everyone has his/her own strengths (I won't call weakness here, bcoz hardly anyone knows his), and the onus lies on each individual to identify how to manipulate self to get a strategic fit with the task. This seems to be pretty abstract, and getting into an unidentified field; so will chuck this as well, for the meantime.
This week was as hectic it can get, but for a change, I didn't mind that. With a few client deliveries (or should I say Over-deliveries), and commencement of other few, it came as a surprize to me how I could have managed 3 night-outs in a span of 4 days. As I see it, never-ever have I bothered to go thru the night for studies. Night-outs I have had for sports/games/roaming around have been countless, but never for something which would add value ;-) to anything. But these night-outs were more out of concern than for work. Monitoring of the team, and giving them a feel that someone is there sitting with them is more like it.
Anyhow, will have all the rest in the world when I go home next week. (Or will I? 000's of things are to be done. Gotta meet "n" number of people. Gotta take care of some pending issues. etc etc etc). This trip will be more like a hop, where I'll have to manage with just one "me". Alas, cloning has not reached any critical stage.
Maybe I'll put in my skeptical thoughts next time. I sat to pen them down, but somehow could not do that. Better luck next time.

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