Friday, December 17, 2004

E-ternal E-Sunshine of the E-Spotless E-Mind

E-ternal E-Sunshine of the E-Spotless E-Mind. Or should i use the name the world knows this movie with "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
Sure was a weird movie. On the lines of Vanilla Sky.
Oh Oh! Let me first clarify why there are so many E's in the title of the movie. Actually, this movie, I dunno why, reminded of my good ol' Bihari (My friends from DCE know him like the back of their hands!). He's so predictable, that I can even tell you what he would be doing at this point of time, sitting in Delhi.
He undoubtedly was the most reliable source of entertainment for each and every one of our group. A "Mirror-cracking material", he was the first one from our group to be knighted to the honours of having a "Girlfriend". She-Maa was the first blood, and unfortunately, the last one for him too.
Raising to the standards of the top-officials was his pet habit. The Vice-Chairman of the SEM, I really wonder how he would look like, 20 years down the line, Vice-President of some established Construction Company. Or rather I should put it this way, either he would be the President of the company, or the Vice-President would be the highest post in the company.
I admire this guy for being the boldest of all I have seen, from our group. My group members would agree on this. If you don't agree, its not my problem. Meet me sometime in Delhi; I'll get you to meet him, and if you are a FMCG manager, I can bet you that he'll be able to sell you a sack of cement, not to talk of the future commitments he'll draw out of you. An engineer in disguise, but a "Real" Marketer.
His room used to be the central point in Delhi for the first year after our engineering. Now his flat is. And I can assure you, his would be the home where I would be going to freak out, even when I'll be the one with kids (Picture this later! I'll come to this some other time). His would always be the place where I would find most comfort with friends.
Adding more to his already glorified grace, he got an offer from the likes of "Dubai" as well, but like he had chucked off his plans of going to US after a successful GRE, he had abandoned such plans even before he had applied. Seems like he amuses himself with such achievements (And more so by showing people like "Gullu Billu Babbu Pappu"). I know i don't remember the right names here, but it conveys the meaning it is supposed to.
I would like to continue till eternity talking about Bihari, but I am too anxious to show this post to Swap, to continue writing this. Maybe I'll write about Bihari again sometime, but I'll bring this to an end now.
And yes, with all due respect, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is a nice movie. And it has nothing to do with Bihari at all.
Till next, the Best!

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Ha ha!
    BKL MC BC (copyright) bihari "solving" crosswords on trains and buses (to impress girls); reading the entire magazine on road-stands and then buying it(!); planning to lose 20 kg. every vacation, then eating 10kg. chicken (sic) every day when he goes to bihar; referring to his mom/dad as mother/father, even while speaking in Hindi; eternally in dread of his 'mamaji'; Bareja's roommate; having the notoriety of being dowsed with buckets of water the most no. of times; remembering all the GRE vocabulary, just bungling up the order(!); my Friday dinner-partner and fellow-victim of really bad food choices (every f*&%#ing single time); Winner of marathon @ DCE every year (in his dreams); exceptionally good at giving the wrong fundae to the right group of people; Katoo No. 1 - ask Bhupen (to what end? ROTFLMAO!!) and a million others; 1-st one-to-have-a-GF-in-our-group honour (still have to pay him a 100 bucks for that!); responsible for all the faulty construction of DMRC structures in NW delhi due to his "thanda-wanda" funda; a million-other-exploits, list growing daily, just limited by memory.

    Aaaah! I just love Bihari (Ahem, in the correct sense of the word).

    Its me, Bhago.