Thursday, December 16, 2004

Quick Glance at last few days, and the days to come !

With the narrowing down of the list of movies I haven't seen, its getting too difficult to think what to do at times, especially when the classes are getting on to the possible minimum. No classes today, 3 hours tomorrow, 3 hours the day after, none after that for 3 days, then 2 days of classes, followed by none for a week. What follows it is a four hour class, again to be followed by a 5 day break. I wonder if this really is the MBA life, with nothing to do except thinking ways of killing time.
Agreed that we can do lot many other things as well, like writing papers, reading books, preparing Business Plans (Ahem!) , and yes, blog and spurt out all you could....Interestingly, the former couple of things don't happen all the time. And the latter one is what I am left to do, anyhow. Phew!, what a couple of days these were. Wrote as many papers, b-plans, etc etc in the last week, as I havent even written in my whole life. And now that the deadline is over, I am left out to do nothing at all again.
Its cool to know that people have started getting jobs. GE's worth it. Another one's going over to Morocco. (No, these people are not from IIMK, but from my gud ol' DCE). Seems like everyone's climbing up the ladder, with me still there, waiting for my turn. I am still skeptical about infy, and don't know at all what to do. Heaven's grace may guide me on what to do.
In the meantime, the relations with people are also getting affected with this uncertainty. Whatever much I try, it doesn't seem to be casual at all. I've started getting this feeling that as their session is nearing completion, I am not needed anymore. Out of sight, out of mind is a causal effect. Not that it matters much when I am in-sight though.
Just a couple-of-days, and I hope that either it would be as it should be, or it would be as it would be. Ultimately, the difference of opinions and a matter of preferential choice will set in. Have tried to keep back all the blurting out, but the dam's filling in.
Next couple of days to be critical.


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