Friday, December 17, 2004


With nothing else to do, this seems to be the only valuable, infact, invaluable proposition.
This Blog is dedicated to all the countless nights I've spent encouraging others for their deeds, asking them to come up to their own expectations, uselessly trying to make them ponder over the issues they never could think about, and moreover, making them feel good for themselves.
Now that I myself am facing an identity crisis, it would be fruitless to say that i still have the capability of pursuing the same. This is made 'all the more' interesting by the fact that the term is coming to an end, and in days to some, i would be left out of such issues for ever, as there are better things to do coming up everyone's way.
What is there to be said? Next 2 days free for me, then classes for 3 days, to be followed by another ruthless, boring, lonely 7 days; following it would be a lone 4 hour class, which would be accompanied by another 5 days of blackness.
I wonder why it happens; i am not saying this happens with me and me alone, but you see, i can't say on behalf of others. So to say, the number of friends in the yahoo messenger, msn messenger, orkut list, hi5 list..etc etc... exceed anyone i know, and, for that matter, I really try n stay in touch with a good enough number of them.
But give me a break yaar! I have my own self-committment as well.
On a different note, am i still just a kid, who needs to be told of each and everything that goes on. One who needs to be taken care of all the way through, as if i m not able to judge people in a proper way. Agreed, that I have made mistakes in the past, which really has affected the relationships with many people, but that's what some people might call as mistake. On my part, later on, it was a well-informed conscious choice to make. Aware of all the implications, which could have affected me, I took my chances, and here i am, standing alone, am i not.
I wouldnt say that all the ways I undertook have been futile. Atleast some of them were appreciated from almost all the corners of the world.
What should i call it: Good People Skills, enabling me to a better HR manager, or should i call it a stupid attempt to aggregate some souls to take care of their solitude.
The time's running out. Hurry! Hurry!

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