Sunday, December 19, 2004


"An empty head, a devil's home". This is a very bad translation what we have been hearing since our childhood, which says 'Khaali Dimaag, shaitaan ka ghar'. I can make out now why this saying has been on the rolls for so long a time.

Lately, I have been on the quest of observing anything & everything under the sun, which comes my way. I was just about to start the movie "Die-Hard 2", but suddenly I saw my desktop background getting transformed in a flash; from a beautiful wallpaper of a pretty girl [i won't disclose further details here, about the girl ;)], to a huge and lonely field, across which fared a big-big Rainbow, showing all the seven colors with a huge grin. (Don't think that this is something odd...Actually, I have installed a software on my system, which changes the wallpaper every 15 minutes..its just that, I got startled by this thing when it happened in a flash, in front of my eyes)

As I have developed this habit of thinking of the oddest things coming my way, this was just another thing. And I thought of writing about this here, and postponed my movie till the time this post gets over. Die-hard isn't dying "that" hard, as of now.

Now then, the rainbow, huh! And the seven colors, V.I.B.G.Y.O.R !

Each color holds a different meaning, a different pre-disposition, a different mindset, altogether, for each and every one of us. And it sure won't be the same for any two persons, because we all try and look this world from our own eyes - and it is a fact that the same thing we are watching, is also being observed by thousands and thousands of other pairs of eyes as well. In taking a look, we simply overlook the fact that though we have our perceptions, the synchro of our thoughts may not match with those near us, often leading to difference of opinions. Hey hey, this is going away from what I meant to talk about. So leave this philosophical stuff down under, and follow what's coming ahead.

Yeah, so I was talking about V.I.B.G.Y.O.R , and my perceptions about these.

I have my own feelings for all my friends, and for those, who eventually are not my friends as well. I'll try and associate some human souls with these colors, and I hope nobody gets too sticky about why this particular color for this particular person.

I'll associate Aasheesh with Indigo. Though ideally, I would like to associate him with Pink color, but alas, Pink is not a color in the Rainbow, and hence, out of contention. I have a couple of reasons why "I" of VIBGYOR goes to Aasheesh. First of all, "I" consider Aasheesh one of the best guys known to this humanity (I know this is flattery, but you can't deny me on this, right! If you do as of now, dare not do it ahead). This "I" (Myself here), reminds me of Aasheesh at first, because he has always been behind me, in all the facets which I have come across.

Secondly, like VIBGYOR needs some vowels to make sense to the pronunciation of the word "VIBGYOR", Aasheesh acts the common source of bonding between quite a few of us. You need to know where a guy is; ask Aasheesh, and you'll get to know his whereabouts [applies to girls too ;)].

There's one more "Indigo" quality I associate with Aasheesh. Britishers considered Indigo to be quite a useful thing, and wanted to export most of it. Likewise, Aasheesh is such a person(an export quality), that his worth can't be evaluated so easily, in words.

Talking about Green, what reminds me on hearing "Green" is "TeamGreen" & "GreenStream". These are not people, but surely identities. TeamGreen is the Environmental initiative we started last year, when our batch joined here at IIMK. GreenStream is the Environmental Society, and the Website, which was started by our enthu juniors, in DCE. That was an amazing effort, I should say, to work for GreenStream. Though I didn't get to work much for GreenStream (thanks to all the pains juniors took themselves), GreenTeam asked for some time, and I was too happy to give my time towards its activities.

I consider "Yellow" as very peaceful color. Akshay is the one who flashes across my mind, when thinking of this one. He's so calm, and inspiring, that its beyond words to explain. You've gotta meet him, and you would start feeling better, anyhow. Whenever I face any anxiety, I drop him a mail, and get a reply asap, to pacify my eagerness. He's got such a nice and sweet personality, that even yellow color would feel shy, taking a look at this guy.

Come "Orange", and its fun & frolic time. I'll devote this to not one person, but two. Welcome, Swap n Bihari. Although I should have taken just one name, but these two form the crux of the amusement I see as valid. Not that others are not funny, or that others don't like to have frolic in their times, but "Real" masti comes up when it is not an anybody's expense, except the self.

Bihari has been a fitting guy for this, because of obvious reasons. I had already dedicated a post to him yesterday, so i don't need to elaborate much on him here. His assets include making everyone laugh, come what may, even if it comes at his own expense. Whatever he may say, he's a gem at heart. (Kisses!)

Swap is the one who creates the cheerful atmosphere when people are around. He's always been there for me all thru these 2 years of MBA, and even before that, to cheer me up whenever I feel down, or feel a bit low, thinking about DCE. Time's not a problem with him, and at times, he sits upto 5-6 in the morning as well, talking to me and getting me to calm down.

Moreover, "Orange" is supposed to be a juicy fruit, and these two here, fill up the juice (and the spice) in our lives. Orange befits them, for sure!

Now is the color "Red". The color of blood. The color of envy. The color of distrust. I wouldn't name anyone in this section, because its not in public good to call people names, and to accuse of some things which they may not consider acceptable. Anyways, there's this person I know, who, as far as I know, feels pretty insecure. This person has developed a virtue of making mistakes, but covering them up very well in the very next instant. Moreover, sometimes I feel it has been my mistake all the way through, to let this person make a fool of me. But then, it is my tendancy (read, human tendancy) to get back, if I feel that the peron is holding back, because of human dignity. However, whatever much I do, it doesn't matter at all. On a different note, "Red" is the color of the T-shirt I am wearing right now. :))

So now, I is over, G is over, Y is over, O is over, and R is over. This takes care of all the colors of VIBGYOR. Ask me how? Well, remember, Aasheesh was meant to be "I" here. He singlehandedly overshadows the deeds done by all of us, and beats us by miles. "V" & "B" of VIBGYOR are meant to be overshadowed by Aasheesh here as well, and thus, no one gets a slot for V or B. That's my way of saying "Hats off" to him.

I'll ask you not to consider all this as flattery. All this is well proven truth, as you yourself know. Its just that, I am jotting it down here, for the world to know. No hard(or soft, for that matter) feelings for anyone, huh!

I'll get back to my movie now. As I see it, the wallpaper of the Rainbow on my system's desktop has changed to another beautiful lady now. ;)

One can enjoy a rainbow without necessarily forgetting the forces that made it.

------ Mark Twain, in "Queen Victoria's Jubilee"


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Webshots ought to be told about this - they would never have expected their desktop app. to be an idea generator! :)

    Its me, Aniruddha

    PS: Not really relevant here, but Green is the color of envy. Aah! just can't help being picky.

    Say, does Bihri ever get to read this? I wonder what he will say of my comment on the "Eternal E-Sunhine..." post - I am sure he could also get out such a list for me - thank God he doesn't read all this \o/

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Surely "Envy" is one of the things conveyed by "Green", but I just have mentioned its quality as perceived by me as the best. One can't deny the connection between "Green" & "Environmental friendly", more so bcoz I am myself an "Environmental" Engineer. If an "inferred" meaning is required, one can take a look at the list I am enclosing here.

    Blue: Sky, Sea, Water, Religious feeling, Peace, Faith, Stability, Melancholy, Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom, Tranquility, Integrity.

    Red : Fire, Love, Passion, Energy, Revolution, Anger, Power, Debt, Danger, Heat, Warning.

    Green : Money, Growth, Environmentally friendly, Fertility, Envy, Spring, Freshness, Stability, Loyal, Healing.

    Yellow : Energy, Sun, Happiness, Cheery, Creativity.

    Orange : Joy, Sunshine, Creativity, Determination, Success, Encouragement, Energy, Autumn, Construction.

    Purple : Royalty, Power, Nobility, Luxury, Spirituality.

    (For more information, click on the colorful "VIBGYOR" in the post; it'll take you to a site which tells more about it)

  4. Anonymous1:52 PM

    well i'm blushing with that post...except when u said juicy..were u perchance referring to my ever expanding girth??
    there's one thing u left out reddy..whts ur perceptin abt ur own colour?? u write that, n then i'll write my perception of the colour that represents u...:)

  5. hehe..Swap, it surely concerns your belly as well, though laterally only...
    vaise, i can't think if i befit any color, for that matter, but we surely can have a chat over this issue sometime, owing to the fact that both of us have lots of idle time..:))
    will try n think of something related to this..

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Great!!!!! I know for whom this red color is meant, i wont write my name coz u know whom u meant...Ive no words, actually i dont!!! Insecure oh yeah!! i guess i was the very person who confided this unto u didnt i? so why writing it in ur site?? oh yes its ur site write whatever u want to, & ofcourse the whole world shuld know that u know a damn person who is not pretty insecure but extremely insecure!!! mistakes?? covering them??? still fail to understand... i guess ill live & die with this "what went wrong". if u wanted to give an answer i guess an offline wuld have been better,was there a need to write whatever u felt over here??
    go n call out names, curse me, accuse me, do whatever u can!!! wuld just say indecency to such an extend was not expected out of u!!!!!!!

  7. Well, the previous comment is by someone who's not meant to be the "Red" one in my VIBGYOR actually. My VIBGYOR is meant for DCE, and is not concerned about the people outside DCE. Got that!

  8. Anonymous10:28 PM

    i dunno who wrote that scything comment..but knowing reddy he is too decent a chap to write nething remotely mean..the fact that (whoever u are) reacted so violently probable indicates a certain guilt complex, wht say ?....n if u hate our reddy so much..why read his sure he won't miss u reading his innermost feelings
    dunno who u are, but such a comment against reddy doesn't go unanswered....


  9. Swap, don't you worry about a thing, regarding this anonymous comment. Just part n parcel of life, you see.