Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hosteller Vs DayScholar

The other day, I was watching "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander". You'll opine the same as I do. No two opinions on this; a gem of a movie it is.
There were a couple of things which caught my attention while watching. (I wonder why I get to think of something or the other, whenever I am watching a movie, now-a-days). One of the things which caught my attention was the intimacy I share with Micky (He's my younger bro, and before I get too much involved into this nostalgic stuff, let me get ahead with it). The other one was the camaraderie shared by the friends in the movie.
The rivalry/comradeship, whichever you wanna see in it, reminded me of the Hosteller - Day Scholar attitude, around which so much of hype was created at all times. I myself have been staying in hostel since 6th standard, so I know what it means to be a true hosteller.
I'll jot down some of the traits, which have come out of the WOM (Word of Mouth), applicable to both, hostellers and day-scholars (called dayschi's hereafter, to build a Halo around the term). You might have heard of "22 Immutable laws of Branding" (Atleast my MBA friends ought to know of this). If not, take my word for it; it is supposedly the Bible for the Brand Management in Marketing. I'll present the 22 laws apiece for both, Hostellers and Dayschi's.
A Hosteller:
  1. Is supposed to stay in hostel for atleast for 6 days a week, even if it is a 5 day working week.
  2. Should never get up before the Lunch is about to be served. (Make it around 12 at noon)
  3. Shouldn't leave any opportunity to hunt down the lunch-boxes of any of the dayschi's.
  4. Should be able to be awake all thru the night, even if there's no need to do so.
  5. Ought to have a Nickname
  6. Should be amongst the last ones to enter the classroom
  7. Has to develop a capability of sitting in the canteen day-in and day-out, without bothering over the petty issues over who'll pay, at the end of the day
  8. Would have attended more marriages in the hostel, than the number even attended altogether in whole life
  9. Wouldn't be the one to let go of any dayschi's, as and when the opportunity comes
  10. The notes are never meant to be in order for a hosteller
  11. Would be running around the house of the prof, the night before the exam, to get any clue of what's going to be the pattern of the exam
  12. Will surely not have all the course with him the day before the exam, and would be seeking help either from a dayschi, or a girl hosteller (Ahem! Ahem!) [from a boy in case of a girl hosteller]
  13. Should be accustomed to play all sorts of games & sports, even if he knows nothing about it
  14. Should have a heavily inclined bias towards fellow group-members, as compared to other hostellers, and especially dayschi's
  15. Ought to have a clear, but deniable bias towards the other sex
  16. Must have atleast one case of kaatofying of his/her fellow mates
  17. Should be able to prove his innocence as and when caught into the acts of unfairness
  18. Has to have such a rapport that all the dayschi's should cater to his/her proposal, whenever there's a decision to be taken for the whole class
  19. Should identify a room, strictly other than his own, to consider his own for all the acts of life
  20. Should be able to tell the stories of his hostel life long after he's out of it
  21. Dare not regret that he was a hosteller some time
  22. Shouldn't care that its already 22nd law, and its still going on
  23. Would consider his hostel time as the best time of his life
  24. Wouldn't fail to give a comment on this post/blog
  25. Would be eagerly waiting now what a dayschi's laws would include.

Now that its enough for the hostellers, and its clear that the laws for hostellers are never gonna end, we should get over to the traits of a dayschi.

It is a well-known fact that for hostellers consider 1+1=11, when it comes to standing up against the dayschi's. I'll take the liberty of calling 1+1=11 here as well, and so, the immutable laws for dayschi's would be-

A dayscholar:

1. Loves to attend classes, and moreso, loves to go back home

11. Would fear going in for a marriage party, and wouldn't bother for anything happening after 8 in the evening.

11+1. Doesn't care for the college after passing out of it

11+11. Would hate anyone calling him a "dayschi"

Now that all the 22 points are over for dayschi's, let me not waste much of my time on this, and get back to work. Research is still on, over the real facets of a hosteller, or a dayschi, but the results are not expected very soon. It would be very difficult to acquire all the traits of a true "hosteller", but becoming a dayschi isn't that big a deal (This much is quite evident from the study given above). Now its enough, its already 3 in the morning, and I still gotta see another movie. So, get back to your work. Enough for the day.

"Anyone who refuses to speak out off campus does not deserve to be listened to on campus."


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Ha ha! I totally concur - Hostellers rule. Period.

    But still wondering as to how JJWS started you on the hosteller-dayschi thing? After all, Sanjay Lal was a dayskee !!
    (Another thing: I still think that there should be a consensus on how to spell dayschi/dayskee - the former coming from 'dayscholar', and the latter looking "just-enough-dergogatory-for-a-dayskee".)

    I have another point to make: Just staying in a hostel won't make you a hosteller - it is a culture - remember some of our pseudo-hostellers-actual-dayskees staying in the hostel, whining day-in day-out?

    And another quintessential dayschi trait: Really-really bad sense of humour. Quintessence: On being chided for being a dayskee, a new dayskee-turned-hosteller-but-still-dayskee (see above!) goes :"Agar main dayskee hua, to tum sub to nightskee hue". Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!! True-life-incident.

    Its me, Aniruddha

  2. JJWS started me on this, bcoz the camaraderie and rivalry shown by different groups in the movies reminded me of our gud ol' DCE.

    Moreover, the rules are meant to be broken, you see. Staying in Hostel is just one of the traits a hosteller needs to have. Its not full-n-final prerequisite, which'll make one a hosteller.

    And despite the derogatory sense being implied here, I confer full respect to dayschi's for being what they have been, othewise, there wouldn't have been so much fun in being a hosteller.


  3. Anonymous12:46 AM

    hehe..agreed...first..bhago tell me who was the dayski who made that sick joke??
    reddy ..hosteller vs dayski is a battle that will forever stay..just stayg in the hostel is not enuff..hostellerness is a state of mind...
    its not only abt goin out of ur way to create probs for dayskis (tho thats a part of it)...its abt the shared fun, joy, loyalty, food, sorrows...its abt a bond that will stay forever..dayski's just can't get it..if u sit down to explain why u promote prob can't justify it..but u have to experience it to understand..dayskis just can't..poor them...sigh

    one dayski rule u forgot ..offer food to each other (1 chip at a time..jaise koi ehsaan kar rahe ho)and use plates n cutlery to eat things like mathri :D...

  4. Anonymous12:47 AM

    last post was by swap ....

  5. Hmmm...Baat to sahi hai yaar Swap, but you see, as I have already mentioned, the list of traits of hostellers is unending, and the laws you are asking to include are implicit in the word "Hosteller"..

  6. Anonymous6:20 PM

    How Could I not post a comment on this!! :)

    Hostel was what made Bawana all the fun it was, and still is :)

    Jai DCE.. !!!


  7. One of the coolest posts ever :)

    With permission from the author I would like to steal stuff and post it on my blog ...well on second thoughts hostellers never seek permission in there it goes to my blog

    Thanks bud ;)

    Jai DCE!

  8. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Hostel-life is BEST PART of my life n I would never regret it..It has been a eye-opener to me..